Encourage Beneficial Wildlife

More than ever, bees, butterflies and many more insects, mammals, birds and amphibians need our help. Visit our nursery near Loughborough to find out more!

Encourage wildlife to your garden

Bees, butterflies and many other types of wildlife need our help to survive. In return, our efforts will be rewarded with a wealth of natural benefits, from pest control to essential pollination for our fruit and veg plots.
Enhancing the biodiversity of your garden is not difficult and just a few small changes will really make a difference to local wildlife.
At Brooklea Nursery, we are experts in encouraging wildlife and are passionate about spreading the word! See our inspirational wildlife displays and other ways we help nature.
Located close to Loughborough and Leicester, Brooklea Nursery provides quality plants and excellent advice to gardeners and professionals alike.

Bee Happy!

At Brooklea Nursery, we have pioneered an exclusive and hugely popular range of native wildlife encouraging wildflowers for just £1 a pot. See our inspirational wildlife displays too!

We are passionate about nature!

Situated close to Loughborough and Leicester, Brooklea Nursery has everything the keen gardener needs. Visit our nursery today and you’ll find inspirational plant displays alongside a friendly service from expert horticulturists.
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